Contacts - Who to speak to about the event

Get in touch

Want to find out more about this event? Not surprisingly, there are a few people behind this. Depending on what it is you’re after, one of them may be more appropriate than another. Here’s who’s looking after what:

  • Keebs Keeble

    Contact Keebs for general enquiries and sponsorship.

  • Gemma Allsop

    Taking care of all things relating to entertainment. Got a suggestion/request? Gem’s here to help.

  • Phil Rowley

    You need to chat to Phil if you are a trader and you’d like to set up a stall at the event.

  • Chris R Redford

    Looking after Show & Shine. Any questions about showing your Dub, Chris is yer man.

  • Chris D Daniels

    Looking after ticketing and camping enquiries

  • Lloydi

    Looking after this here web site! Any issues with the site (bug, want something added etc), drop Lloydi a line.

  • Richy

    Looking after the Old Skool Bike Show. If you have any questions please drop him a line.